Saturday, November 9, 2019


I recently spent a month in Nepal.  I was not there for the usual trekking in the mountains but just to hang out and look around.  Most of the time I was in Kathmandu city but I explored out into the surrounding valley as well.  I also took the eight hour bus trip over to Pokhara to stay there a few days so that I could see a bit more of the country side.  An absolutely fascinating country that was easily visited on a low budget.  As usual, here are a few photos pertaining to gardening to share with you.  Remember you can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

Typical Kathmandu house with city style gardening

Marigold flowers used for welcome leis or Hindu temple offerings.

Houses and rice terraces in Kathmandu Valley.

Corn drying in house windows, Kathmandu  Valley

Shankhadharpark, Kathmadu .   A central city park that you pay to go into.
 It seemed popular with teens taking photos of each other.

Garden of Dreams.  Surprise!   A neo classical historical garden in Kathmandu.
A tranquil spot from another world that you pay to visit.
Ladies selling their bananas and papayas on the street. Kathmandu

Man selling vegetable seeds and plants at street market, Kathmandu

A lady at Lakeside,  Pokhara  who had established this lush permaculture garden.
There was also a little cafe on the house veranda there.
A lady knocking down flowers to gather for use in
 giving blessings at the Hindu temples.  Pokhara 

Vegetables for sale at street market, Kathmandu

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