Thursday, June 9, 2016


High Line Park

Quiet corner on High Line Park

Tropical friends in the city street

Seen on the street

Bryant Park

The reading room in Bryant Park

Battery Park
Battery Park

Bowling Green

Lots of planters in apartment building streets.

A shot showing one of the many tiny corner gardens and trees in the streets.  Greenwich Village 

NYC buildings as seen from south Central Park

This past month I got to spend ten days in New York City.   Finally I got to visit this fabled city and I just loved it.  The first five days there were at the beginning of spring with the leaves just starting to come out on the trees and tulips in bloom.  By my last five days there the trees were in full leaf and roses were coming out.   I expected that I would spend a lot of time looking around Central Park but instead I was so enamored by the smaller parks in the city that I really only had short forays into a few corners of Central Park.  Maybe next time I will rent that bicycle and really see the four mile long patch of green.  An evening walk around Bryant Park just wowed me.  I loved the "reading room" in the middle sponsored by the library next door.  The choice of plants at Battery Park at the bottom there of Manhattan was just inspiring and the nicest evening walk in the city is along the new High Line Park that is built on a now unused elevated train line.  So here are a few photos,as usual from my trips, of some of the garden sightings around town.  


A pond in the north west corner of Central Park.