Sunday, May 12, 2019


 A few days ago I was exploring Hamilton, New Zealand.  In the center of town they were using Swiss Chard in the city gardens.  It is called Silver Beet in New Zealand.  The name would have been given at time when Swiss Chard was only seen with white stalks.  Now we have these beautiful rainbow stalks and look how beautiful they look in the city landscape.  Maybe it will make you think about where you could plant your next lot of Swiss Chard.  We are used to seeing ornamental kale in public gardens these days and I remember seeing town gardens in Anchorage, Alaska full of lush parsley several years ago.  I am sure there are lots of  other beautiful vegetables that could make the transition too.

 Silver Beet is almost like a national vegetable in New Zealand.  The boiled leaves are served up often on the dinner plate  along with meat and potatoes.  You see it growing in kitchen gardens everywhere.  One of those  easy care plants that can be continually harvested.



  1. Hi Stellamarina, I hope it doesn't get too cold for you here in New Zealand. I live in Northland - just out of Whangarei. I hope you have a great visit.

  2. Thanks Anne....actually I get upset when it is too hot in NZ....I am wanting a change from the tropics.